Focus Labels Pvt Ltd Blog Latest Products Sun, 26 May 2024 14:55:57 +0530 en-us Importance of Barcodes and Barcode Labels in Business Mon, 15 Mar 2021 11:40:28 +0530 Representing data in machine-reading or visual form is carried on by a method called a bar code or barcode. The bar codes are now considered as one of the organizational building blocks, which are widely used across all businesses and industries. Thereafter, barcode labels are applied to a wide variety of product surfaces in different situations. This takes forward the productivity of the organisation to the top.Linear Barcodes and Two Dimensional BarcodesBarcodes might be described in two different types, the first is one dimensional (1D) and the second is two dimensional (2D) like QR codes. The one-dimensional barcodes represent data by scanning the varying widths and spacings between the parallel lines. The two-dimensional barcodes read the rectangular dots, hexagon and other various patterns which are commonly known as matrix codes.One dimensional or linear barcodes holds only one piece of information, which is a normal number identification from a company’s main database. Whereas two-dimensional barcodes are capable of holding a vast quantity of data that includes not only text information but also other forms, such as images.   Companies and manufacturers, who deal in the printing industry manufacturer barcode label printing. Barcode labels are self-adhesive labels that have the barcode imprinted on them. Barcode labels are mostly used in banks, hospitals, departmental stores etc, where a large number of data is handled.The Need of BarcodesThe use of barcodes helps in the following areas –Accuracy: In managing assets or maintaining inventory, the manual process brings about a number of difficulty. This includes typing errors in every 300 characters that lead to unnecessary re-orders, checking out ghost assets i.e., an asset which appears in general ledger but is missing physically) etc. This incurs a loss of time and energy big time. Time Management: The time taken to conduct quarterly or year-end assets through excel sheets should be used for doing some important jobs. Performing stock management manually spares a lot of time which can be minimised by proper using of barcodes.Accountability: Employee theft is considered a very real threat in the case of electronics assets and inventory. The use of barcode systems, adds layers of accountability that rules out these threats.Barcode labelsBarcode label manufacturer in Hyderabad is very common and quite renowned. These companies consistently maintain the quality of the product, their pricing the products, logistics services and also cater to other requirements of the customers. People choose these companies mainly for their variety in printing options, and their expanded capacity of working. Few of these companies offer quite prompt services and provide a solution for any kind of labelling issues.Manufacturers who are involved in printing barcode labels mostly highlights the impressively wide range of barcode labels. These barcodes quality is highly judged by their tearing strength and a nice polished finish.The barcode labels supplier also trades in a wide range of pre-printed barcode labels, which are either printed with text contents or barcode as asked by the customer, barcodes that are ready to apply and as well as blank barcode lab. The companies manufacture this barcode maintaining the industry standards and are produced under the supervision of qualified professionals with the help of advanced machinery and the latest technologies.Things to Remember While Printing Barcode LabelsThere are a few factors that are to be considered while printing the barcodes –• Technology: Dot matrix, laser, inkjet and thermal are son basic types of printing technology that are used largely. The first three options come with a fair price range with a high cost of maintenance and waste. Whereas the procedure of thermal in less harmful for the environment and creates a better quality barcode.• Materials: Barcodes can be imprinted on paper and synthetic materials both. It has to be checked if long-life acrylic, polyester or any other material could be included in synthetic material for making the barcode label long-lasting. If stock labels or custom labels are to be printed is also a crucial decision to be made.• Scope: Small and ancillary businesses use desktop printers which are suitable for small scale jobs. Medical places most of the time print barcodes in wristbands that are wearable. Warehouses usually go for industrial printers for creating hundred of barcodes which is highly necessary for keeping track of the production. For desktop and industrial categories, they have subset varieties of two or four Inch desktop.• DIY: Designing and creating barcodes by oneself is also possible considering the function of the business and its need for barcodes. Though some companies think that outsourcing this responsibility is either preferred or necessary. What are the Advantages of Using Polyester Labels? Sat, 08 May 2021 11:47:41 +0530 When you search for label materials for your products, polyester is one of the materials you consider (and are provided by manufacturers). Why should your labelling needs be based on this specific material? Are your labelling requirements suitable for polyester labels or are you better off with another label type? Here are some benefits, including the use of polyester for your labelling needs, to help quickly decide whether or not polyester produced by polyester labels supplier in Hyderabad is better suited to your needs.What Is Labeling?For a commodity, labelling is important. If a product is identified easily, a consumer may decide whether or not to buy it. Branding and marking go together. A brand written on a label almost always exists. Both are interconnected. Customers must be able to easily find their items. This can be achieved by a simple system of personalized labels. Great visual branding will contribute to making the product unforgettable and keeping customers back. Certain things about polyester labelling have to be remembered here.As labelling has become synonymous with branding, the labelling approaches and branding methods have changed over time.Why Are Polyester Labels So Popular?For a variety of factors, polyester labels are gaining popularity. They can be produced in a range of forms and dimensions. This makes the labels physically more attractive. You can accept strong adhesives and hold them on to the product for longer. Polyester printing is easy. The printing on the polyester label can be ordered directly from laser printers. These printers are capable of producing large amounts of labels. The definition is simple, with vivid images and text. Using laser printers or inkjet label printers, polyester labels can be printed. It is important to understand if you use an inkjet printer that only polyesters with high gloss are possible.Polyester Labels Are Among The Most Robust Types Of LabelsPolyester is a highly versatile material and is highly resistant to many influences and components. Due to its toughness, polyester is often used in industrial applications and is resistant to diverse (from cold to hot) temperatures, resistant to wet and dry conditions, as well as resistant to diverse chemical substances. This makes this label perfect for many applications – including product labelling, computer labelling, alert and instructive sticker use, etc.The Labeling Of Polyester Is Very VersatileThis type of mark is also very flexible and you can use it almost everywhere because of its long life and high resistance to various elements and conditions. This mark can be used for goods, machinery, chemical containers and much more. The multiple choices you have in terms of its architecture are also responsible for this multifaceted usability. These labels can be cut into small tags to mark objects as small as tubes and vials or made into large tags which can be used on heavy devices and instruments.Easy To CarryThese polyester labels are also sufficiently flexible to bear virtually any message. These can include instructions, alerts, product composition details and many more. They can also be used for the monitoring of images, vibrant icons, business names, list of ingredients as well as simply numerating and lettering combinations. If necessary it will also be possible to add barcodes and other readable data to these tags.Polyester Labels Are Relatively Cheap And Cost-effectiveWhile this particular type of label is costlier than paper labels, the numerous positive qualities in the label still consider that it is comparatively cost-competitive and cost-efficient. You can use it in dry-wet conditions that can't be done with paper tags and it can withstand various temperatures, ranging from warm to cold. They can also be used in areas exposed to fat, dung, chemicals and other contaminants that can deteriorate rapidly with other tag forms.Final WordsThis particular material is inherently durable and versatile, which makes it cost-efficient because you pay for something that lasts for a long time. This simply means, unlike other tags which are easily injured and which need a regular replacement, you do not have to replace this specific form of tag anytime soon. Unlike polyester labels, this will increase the expenditure on labels and tags, reducing the costs as they do not require continuous replacement.  The Importance Of Pharmaceutical Labelling Tue, 31 Aug 2021 18:53:40 +0530 Pharmaceutical Labels are not the much talked about kind of topic. So we may not be much aware of what they are. But they are equally important like all other labels. So this industry has to develop and, we must create awareness about it. What actually are they? Drug Labelling We all know drug labelling as prescription labelling. But actually, is prescription labelling? It is any written, printed or graphic matter on the container of drugs. Its function is to identify the contents of the container, i.e., the drug in the container. It also gives us basic information about the drug, specific instructions about its usage, warnings and storage and disposal instructions. Format of Drug Labelling Drug labels or Pharmaceutical Labels cannot be done in any way the manufacturer or the user wants it. There are particular legislations to be followed. Those legislations were passed in the 1800s. These laws stipulated the format of the labels according to the equitable trading platform demands, identification of toxins present in the formulation and awareness of public health. It may differ from region to region in their healthcare systems, drug incidents and commercialized usage. Despite legislations and formulations, yet there are medication errors because of infelicitous drug label formats. It mostly happens due to errors on the part of Pharmaceutical Labels Manufacturers. Recent Developments in the Drug Labelling Industry Today drug labelling has undergone potent changes and, it has become more patient-oriented and individual-centered because of the escalating clinical authentication progression. The relevance of pharmaceutical labelling was established in connection with individual dosage levels following age, gender, coexisting medications and the present state of the disease. Drug label formats were introduced for over-the-counter drugs so that they could easily be interpreted. The precautionary section in labels came up subsequently. Functions of Drug Labels The function of Pharmaceutical Labels is vital. It plays a pivotal role in identifying the ingredients that are actively incorporated in it. It also guides the patient to ensure the safety and pertinent administration of the medication. It also makes the patient aware of his rights to know and achieve the optimum usage of the medication. On the other hand, the healthcare practitioner also gets to dispense his prescription to the maximum. How to Label a Drug A drug label should be so created that the name and quantity of each component in the drug should be prominently stated and marked on the label for proper and easy identification. The drug labels should also contain the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. The Information to be Watched Out for on a Label There are certain bits of information to be looked out for on every label. They are: • Name and address of the company • Serial number of the label • Manufacturing date • Strength of the drug Importance of Drug Labels A pharmaceutical label ensures that a patient is taking a particular drug correctly so that it does not react negatively with other ongoing drugs, foods or drinks. It is ensured in the safety issues of the patient. But Pharmaceutical Labels Manufacturers must warrant printing the right and adequate information on the label correctly. Qualities of Polyester Labels that make them a preferable choice Fri, 03 Dec 2021 10:34:30 +0530 Polyester Labels are a brilliant choice when your labels need to not only look great but also endure into severe conditions or rough handling. Polyester (or PET) labels deliver protection against humidity, chemicals, abrasion, and extreme temperatures.   Polyester materials are extensively used for durable labels that are required to last long on products like product information and identification labels, which requires to hold up and remain legible for the lifespan of the product.   Polyester Label Components: Face Material – Polyester face materials are normally categorized according to their adherence to heat, chemicals, and manufacturing stress; coatings and overlays can be added for additional protection.   Adhesive – Must be cooperative with the surface on which the label is attached; exposure to UV light, heat, and chemicals is also a factor in the sticky choice.   Liner – It may be polyester, where the selection may depend on label format along with the process in which the labels will be useful for the product.   Is polyester label waterproof? Many of the qualities can be found in polyester labels. These labels are designed for sturdy applications where a waterproof polyester label is essential to have. They repel everything from water to chemicals. They will keep your text and designs intact and unscratched from indoor to outdoor use. Polyester Label Characteristics:   Tear and Smudge Resistance Strong Adherence to Metal, Plastic, Glass, and More Resistance to Extreme Temperatures Water and Moisture Repellence   Polyester Label Applications:   Equipment labels Marine labels Warning labels Chemical labels UV Resistant labels Electronic labels Circuit Board Manufacturing labels Medical and Health Care labels Steel Industry labels Weather Proof labels Freezer labels Abrasion Resistant labels Polyester labels Valeron labels and tags RoHS Compliant labels UL labels     Different types of polyester for making labels:   White laser polyester One of the most durable materials which are used to print laser labels. It is mainly used for permanent labelling and find its use in marking assets, properties and types of equipment.   Clear polyester The clear polyester label materials are also used for permanent labelling and they are mostly used to mark retail products and window decals.   White matter polyester a popular material that is used for printing laser labels. This material is removable, and hence it is on products that need temporary labellings like products that are specially used for marketing, price labels, books and magazines. Where to get best quality polyester label? When you need polyester labels, switch to the right supplier to meet your needs. Polyester Labels suppliers in Hyderabad are happy to serve, both large and small quantity needs with fast turn-around, including emergency rush orders. Bulk order supply is also possible with them at a reasonable price. To support the development of your polyester labels lab testing, pre-press support, along with expert customer service is available with them.   If you have doubt about polyester labels or would like to know more about the labels varieties and want to ask for order, you need to contact the top Polyester Labels supplier in Hyderabad! There are skilled and experienced teams online to meet your needs.